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July 12, 2024 - 08:46 AM

Conventional Loans

Primary: 6.25%    APR: 6.28%

Investment: 6.75%    APR: 6.884%

Second Home: 6.875%    APR: 6.993%

FHA: 5.75%    FHA APR: 6.319%

VA: 5.75%   VA APR: 5.886%

No docs (5/6 ARM)9.625% APR: 9.932%
No docs (30-year fixed)9.5% APR: 9.789%
DSCR Investment7.25% APR: 7.351%
Bank Statements7.125% APR: 7.105%
Foreign LTV 70%7.875% APR: 7.980%

DISCLAIMER: These rates are intended for realtors and loan officers only. For information purposes only and does not constitute a loan approval or commitment to lend. Rates are subject to change without notice.

$300K loan, $400K home value, 30-Yr fixed, Purchase, 720+ score, Single Family Residence, ZIP = 95111


Program nameExplanationBest for (borrowers)RequirementsNote
Conventional LoansMost common loan program for the majority of American borrowers. A first-time buyer can borrow with 3% down.https://www.loanfactory.com/loan_limits?zip=95111&loan_type=0&number_of_units=1
FHA LoansFor bad credit borrowers. The FICO score can be as low as 550. 3.5% minimum down payment.
Reduced waiting periods after Bankruptcy, Short Sale, or Foreclosure
Lower rates compared to conventional loans but the borrower has to pay an upfront PMI of 1.75% and monthly PMI.
VA LoansMost current and former US Military personnel can qualified. No down payment and no monthly mortgage insurance. Rates are lower than conventional loans. You can call your VA Administration to ask if you can qualify.
USDA LoansIn a rural area and income cannot be too high. You can look up if a property can be qualified.Please make "look up" as a hyperlink to this https://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/welcomeAction.do
Jumbo Loanshttps://www.loanfactory.com/loan_limits?zip=95111&loan_type=0&number_of_units=1
No Doc Loans
Investor (DSCR) Loans
Bank Statement Loans
Profit and Loss Loans
1099 LoansSelf-employed
WVOEPrimary and Investment
Foreign National Loans
Adjustable Rate

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